Separation Laws in MD

If you are looking for legal separation, have in mind that this is not the same as getting a divorce. This kind of separation actually provides couples with an alternative choice to divorce. If you think that you and your spouse are not ready to give up on your marriage, and if you think legal separation can help you work things out, this is the right choice. Some couples are opposed to divorce due to religious or financial reasons. In that case, this can also be a good option for you. Maryland law doesn’t provide this kind of separation but it provides limited divorce, which has the same legal rights and protections as a legal separation. However, when I went through limited divorce, I needed to hire divorce lawyers near me to make sure I fully understand my rights and the process I am about to go through. I advise you to do the same. Read on to get more insight into this kind of separation as well as all decisions regarding child support, custody and other decisions that come with it.

Filing for a Limited Divorce

If you want to separate yourself from your spouse, you can file a limited divorce in Maryland. You need to be a resident of this country in the time of the filing. If the grounds for the divorce occurred in another state, you must be a resident of MD at least one year before submitting your request. You will have to fill out a lot of paperwork. However, you can do it from home by downloading the limited divorce paper forms from the MD Judiciary website. You can submit your files without filing the Complaint for Limited Divorce and the Civil-Domestic Case Information Report. If you also have child support issues you have to solve, you will also have to fill the financial statement and child support forms. You can find more information about custody agreements in Towson on this website.


Every form must be completely filled and signed. The statement must be properly dated. Before printing and filing your forms, make two copies of each, and keep one copy for yourself. After that, you will have to file the original papers and pay the fees at the appropriate county circuit court. In order to request legal separation, your spouse must either work or live in MD County. After you get a Writ of Summons, you can arrange for a private process server to deliver a copy of it to your spouse. This can be done in person or by email.

Final Tips and Advice

It is absolutely necessary to have a local divorce attorney by your side to help you understand your rights as well as Maryland’s laws procedures. Have in mind, that court employees can’t and won’t provide you any legal advice or help during filling out limited separation forms. Before starting the case, gather all the necessary financial information and documents. The Financial Statement and Child Support Guidelines sheets don’t have to be included in the initial filing with court, but is extremely recommended to file them as soon as possible.